Baykon extractıon scale controller

Transmitters, indicators and controllers for industrial and metrological weighing applications with a wide range of Fieldbus connections.

• High accuracy and reliability,
• State of the art technology and high quality,
• Industrial solution
• System integration


Baykon BX10 Weighing Terminal is a State-of-the Art Indicator for Industrial Weighing Applications. Its RS232C and RS485 serial ports, two digital ports programmable as input or output, and analog output features make BX10 an excellent solution in process control.

Powerful calibration options, including eCal-electronic calibration without test weights, support easy and fast start-up and service. BX10 features adaptive digital filtering for fast settling, display resolution up to 999.999 with extremely stable indication, and up to 1600 conversions per second.


Baykon BX11 Weighing Indicator, is a smart indicator for industrial weighing process applications offering powerful PLC integration facilities; serial ports as RS-232C, RS-485, 4 digital inputs and 5 digital outputs, Ethernet, Analog Output and fieldbus connections such as EtherNet/IP, Modbus, Profibus, Profinet, CANopen, EtherCAT and CC-Link.

Powerful calibration options including electronic calibration without test weights supports easy and fast start-up and service. BX11 is featuring adaptive filtering for fast settling, high display resolution and 1600 conversion per secondspeed.


Baykon BX13 Filling Controller, is a Proffessional Filling Controller designed for any type of Filling Processes of liquid, Bulk and Granule Material with all types of packages.

With its 16.000.000 internal resolution, high speed with up to 1600 measurements per second, selectable standard digital and statistical filters, BX13 provides fast and accurate filling results in even harsh environments with vibrations. It has 4 standard filling modes for open container filling and above level bung hole filling; 1 mode for filling of materials which has high viscosity and 3 modes for packing machines. This controller has 4 opto-isolated digital inputs and 5 relay contact outputs, 2 none – isolated output. They are used for filling and disacharge processes.


Baykon BX14 Weighing Controller, is a smart Weighing Controller and it is Designed for Discontinuous Totalizer or Extraction Rate Scale Applications. BX14 is used for flow control on the production line together with totalizing the transferred material. This instrument also gives information estimated next 24h total for the actual flow rate and daily total. Additional 3 accumulations can be used for different purposes like production batch total, turn total, Non-erasable total etc. This controller has 4 opto-isolated digital input, 2 non-isolated digital input and 5 relay contact outputs. They are used for filling and disacharge processes.

It has 16.000.000 internal resolution and high speed with up to 1600 measurements per second.


Baykon BX18 Weighing Indicator is a DIN Rail Mounted Indicator to Install in a Cabinet for Intensive Dusty Environment. It offers RS-232C, RS-485, analogue output, parallel port including 4 x inputs and 6x outputs, Modbus RTU fieldbus interfaces as standard.

Powerful calibration options including electronic calibration without test weights, span calibration of non-empty tanks support easy and fast installation and service. BX18 is featuring 10 step adaptive filter for fast settling, up to 999.999 display resolution and 1600 conversion per second.


Baykon BX30 & BX30D Weighing Indicator are Low Cost Panel Type Weighing Indicators; offer high accuracy, and performance with strong connectivity options for all weighing applications. With its IP67 protected stainless steel front panel, it provides reliable and safe operation in wet, hygienic and harsh industrial areas.

BX30 & BX30D have strong calibration alternatives including eCAL electronic calibration which is extremely important tool for heavy capacity tank scales and calibration of tanks without emptying.


Baykon BX30 Plus & BX30D Plus Weighing Indicator are high accurate, Multifunctional Weighing Terminals which are used in wet, hygienic and harsh industrial areas.

This Weighing Indicator can be programmable for weighing, labelling, checkweighing, classifying, filling, peak hold and dynamic weighing applications. Three user programmable keys can be set for user applications to provide practical and error free operation. The instrument has 4 pcs memories; ID1, ID2, preset tare, item limit values; each have 500 records capacity.


Baykon BX30 Fill, Filling and Packing Controller is high tech, smart and economic instrument for usage at various filling and packing machines. Its configurable specific recipe build feature and smart filling algorithms give big advantages in usage.

The most common filling & packing applications fit one of its 12 filling modes. Master-slave operation provides the set up and recipe transferring to all BX30 Fill slave controllers on the machine. Full control of multiscale bagging or packing machine is available.


Baykon BX30 Total Weighing Controller is a high-tech, smart, and economical device especially design to control the discontinuous totalizing and extraction rate weighing systems. It provides flow rate control in discontinuous totalizer and real-time flow control in extraction rate scales.

BX30 Total has 3 different operating modes designed to cover all discontinuous totalizer and extraction rate scale applications. Its programmable 7 keys can be assigned to the predefined functions to provide a quick and informative operation.

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